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Dr. Khristi Otto

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Dr. Khristi's LogoDr. Khristi Otto has been practicing chiropractic for the past 20 years and is one of 30 chiropractors in her immediate family. Dr. Khristi is board eligible in chiropractic neurology and is certified in nutrition. She is certified in whiplash and spine trauma through the San Diego Spinal Trauma and Whiplash Institute. Dr. Khristi Otto is passionate about healthy lifestyles which include chiropractic care. Without a healthy spine, your quality of life suffers. Suffering is optional. Get your spine adjusted and get on with your life.

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What Her Clients Are Saying
Doug, Black Creek, WI
I am more than pleased to refer anyone to Dr. Khristi Kennedy Otto for Chiropractic services. I started 8 months ago as a last resort before surgery on a 20 year old wrestling injury while in the Marine Corps. Over time my neck got worse and I suffered with pinched nerves and loss of mobility. Upon starting with Dr. Khristi I was evaluated and started on a regular adjustment and repair regiment. I am happy to say that my neck is stronger, I have no pain and I have mobility I have not had in decades.
Rob, Oshkosh, WI
I first saw Dr. Khristi Kennedy Otto after a car accident where I had totaled my car. After a few months of getting adjusted and doing the awesome rehab that she has there at Appleton Chiropractic, I'm almost back to 100%. Not only is Dr. Khristi Kennedy Otto a knowledgeable and great doc, I love the top notch rehab equipment they have at Appleton Chiropractic. I'm grateful for her helping me get my life back without pain!
Anthony, Neenah, WI
My experience of Dr. Khristi Kennedy Otto has redefined what a chiropractor should be. I had seen a chiropractor "mill" before her that treated me for various aches and pains, but wanted me to sign my life away and I left feeling bullied. Dr. Kennedy Otto sat down with me with my back xray and accurately portrayed my past history of trauma and set up a program of adjustments to correct my back along with MedX to strengthen my back. I love the microcurrent and vibration plates at her office, too.
More About Appleton Chiropractic
Our primary work at Appleton Chiropractic is to find the cause of why people are suffering or getting conditions that are negatively impacting their lives and keeping them from living a healthy, vibrant and happy life. If you, your friends or other loved ones are suffering needlessly, they just might benefit from the unique approach that we have created in our office.

Dr. Roy Ostenson started his first chiropractic practice in the small Northwestern Wisconsin town of Stanley where he stayed for a short time before returning to the Fox Valley to practice. He spent a little over two years in his Neenah office before moving to Appleton where he started Appleton Chiropractic. He has been in Appleton ever since his move from Neenah in 1981.